Profit Europe obtained the CNBOP certificate for the rigid and flexible couplings, for the mechanical tees grooved and threaded and for the full casting and u-bolt sprinkler tees. The CNBOP certificate is a document which allows our products to be put on the Polish market and to be used in construction works.

CNBOP Technical Approval

Product nameCertificate no.Ref.Date
Rigid coupling CNBOP-PIB-KOT-2020/0183-1005 wyd.1 GKS 18/03/2020
Flexible coupling CNBOP-PIB-KOT-2020/0183-1005 wyd.1 GKF 18/03/2020
Grooved mechanical tee CNBOP-PIB-KOT-2020/0174-1005 wyd.1 GMG 04/02/2020
Threaded mechanical tee CNBOP-PIB-KOT-2020/0174-1005 wyd.1 GMD 04/02/2020
U bolt sprinkler tee CNBOP-PIB-KOT-2020/0174-1005 wyd.1 041 04/02/2020
Full casting sprinkler tee CNBOP-PIB-KOT-2020/0174-1005 wyd.1 L922 04/02/2020

CNBOP Certificate of Conformity

Product nameCertificate no.Ref.Date
Rigid coupling 063-UWB-0251 GKS 03/06/2020
Flexible coupling 063-UWB-0251 GKF 03/06/2020
Grooved mechanical tee 063-UWB-0250 GMG 03/06/2020
Threaded mechanical tee 063-UWB-0250 GMD 03/06/2020
U bolt sprinkler tee 063-UWB-0250 041 03/06/2020
Full casting sprinkler tee 063-UWB-0250 L922 03/06/2020

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