UL is a global independent safety science company which guarantees the safety of amongst others fire protection products. Most of Profit Europe’s product assortment is UL approved. Please view the list of our UL approved products and their documentation below.


Description Profit Europe ref. UL ref. Inch size
Rigid coupling GKS(R/G) XGQT1 1 – 10
Flexible coupling GKF(R/G) XGQT2 1 – 8
Grooved elbow 90° GB90(R/G) XGQT01 2 – 10
Grooved elbow 45° GB45(R/G) XGQT011 1 – 10
Grooved equal tee GT(R/G) XGQT03 2 – 10
Grooved concentric reducer GRC(R/G) XGQT07 11/2-11/4 – 8-6
Grooved mechanical tee GMG(R/G) XGQT04 2-11/4 – 6-21/2
Threaded mechanical tee GMD(R/G) XGQT04 2-½ – 6-2
U bolt sprinkler tee GST(R) XGQT041 11/4-1/2 – 21/2-1
Grooved endcap GE(R/G) XGQT06 1 – 8
Butterfly valve grooved end WBV WBV /
Butterfly valve wafer end GBV GBV /

Accreditations UL


UL correlation sheet butterfly valves

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UL certificate fittings

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UL certificate couplings

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UL approval report proflex

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    If you require further information regarding our UL approvals, don’t hesitate to contact us. More info about the organization UL can be found at www.ul.com .