Quality & certifications

Profit Europe engages itself in providing good quality products and service. We provide this quality firstly thanks to our quality control team that checks our products during and after production at the manufacturing site.

Secondly Profit Europe is an efficient working and well structured company, because it based its internal processes on the ISO9001:2015 standard.

Thirdly, in case of a complaint or non-conformity we guarantee our customers a quick and correct follow-up according to our complaint management system.

Besides, at Profit Europe we are open to receive any feedback from our customers in order to improve our service. We hold a yearly survey to stay updated about our customer's satisfaction.

ISO certification

Profit Europe is an ISO certified organization in accordance to ISO standard NB EN ISO9001:2015.

Download our ISO certificate.

Complaint management system

In order to guarantee a correct follow up of complaints we register a complaint file containing communication, pictures and samples for each customer’s remark. Remarks are discussed internally on weekly basis and are always passed on to the supplier involved. After analysis of the remark, Profit Europe communicates a solution to its customer and adapts its procedures in order to avoid the similar remarks in the future.



Approvals is an independent organization that sets the standard in third-party certification in fire protection.
FM certifications



is a global independent safety science company which guarantees the safety of amongst others fire protection products.
UL certifications



The CNBOP technical approval contains the technical specifications for the process of conformity assessment and issuing of a certificate or declaration of conformity.
CNBOP certifications



VdS is a German independent testing institution which executes certification for products (components, equipment and systems) in the areas of fire protection and safety technology.
VDS certifications


Profit Europe has APSAD certification for the braided and unbraided Proflex.
APSAD accreditations

Quality control team

Our quality control team works at the manufacturing site at China where our products are produced.

In order to avoid non-conformities they check our products before they leave the factory. Our onsite quality team bases itself on the Profit quality control standard, verifying the following items:

  • Casting
  • Gasket
  • Thread
  • Groove
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Paint finishing
  • Galvanization process
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • ...