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Profit Europe sells sprinkler installation components for sprinkler installations. Our business model consists in establishing long-term partnerships in the fire protection industry and in being able to keep the largest stock in Europe.

With our privileged location in the center of Europe, we strive our European customers just-in-time deliveries from our 3.000sqm warehouse in Belgium.

Profit Europe is a customer-oriented organization that provides service in more than eight different languages. We know each of our customers and therefore, we provide the best service to all clients according to their needs. You can count on us for flexible solutions, technical knowledge and correct administration.

Contact us to find our distributor in your region of sales or to become a partner. We look forward to fitting your needs!


  • Profit Europe NV was founded in 2006 by André Saelens, with the importing of the first container of grooved couplings and fittings from China into Belgium. This container was imported due to the need of a better supply of couplings and fittings for the installer company AquaSecurity of Mr. Saelens. The company name ‘ProFit’ stands for ‘professional fittings’.
  • Since then, Profit Europe saw the growing need in the market for good quality sprinkler installation components at a competitive price, and started selling them to installers in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Over the years our network of customers in Europe grew and the number of containers imported increased accordingly.
  • In 2012 the threshold of 2.000 tons of imported materials was reached, Profit was selling to 15 countries within Europe.
  • In 2013, Profit extended its assortment with flexible hoses “Proflex”.
  • Since mid 2013, our Quality Control Team is performing quality controls at the manufacturing source, to ensure that only the products that comply with the quality requirements reach the customers.
  • In 2016 Profit expanded its range of products with butterfly valves (wafer and grooved end) and more products will be added in the future.
  • Today, Profit Europe is active in more than 25 European countries, focusing on building long-lasting relationships with its partners in the fire protection industry.